Hi, I'm Nathan.

I'm a technologist living near Providence, Rhode Island where I currently work as the Technology Director at Mythic Digital.

About Me

Web technologist. Project manager. Software architect. Developer.

These are just a few job titles to describe what I do on a daily basis as an owner of a Digital Agency. I am a problem solver that specializes in delivering best in class digital experiences.

I've been building software over the last two decades for amazing organizations like Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Meredith Corportation, Exelon Corporation, U.S. Department of Treasury, Acquia, and General Assembly. I excel on teams that allow me to excerise my leadership abilities by transforming business requirements to technical requirements. I posses the unique ability to interface with both business teams and technical teams seemlessly.

I enjoy spending time with my friend and family when I'm not behind the keyboard. My hobby as a home owner has been horticulture, lawn care, and landscaping. I watch a lot of YouTube videos about landscape design and growing healthy turf grass.

Work Experience


I am the owner and Technology Director at Mythic Digital, a Digital Agency specializing in building enterprise content management experiences using Drupal. I specialize in delivering content editor experiences that enable nontechnical people to easily build web pages.


General Assembly

I worked on the Marketing Technology and Product teams as a Senior Software Engineer and Scrum Master at General Assembly. I ran and organized the daily scrum ceremonies, operated as a subject matter expert for the company's content management systems, and delivered high quality code to production regularly.


At Chromatic I worked as a Lead Developer on several of the company's high profile clients that included NVIDIA, Paypal, Adobe, and the American Hospital Association. I elevated my team members and implemented process to improve the developer experience on projects.


I stopped working as a freelancer and began my professional career in software development as a Senior Web Engineer at Oomph. In two years at Oomph, I contributed to nearly $3,000,000 in revenue as a Sales Engineer, Solutions Architect, and Developer. I was fortunate enough to work with a great team of skilled individuals during my time at Oomph.


Before entering a full-time career in software development, I worked as a Freelance Developer and Emergency Communications Dispatcher for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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